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Soulful Lives; Souls Full of Music

Justin & Tabitha Veal

Simply “Mom and Dad” to three (and one on the way) young children, husband-wife duo Justin and Tab are anything but ordinary.  Having found a way to take their unique mixture of family, careers, and big dreams and blend them together to turn out a powerful, soulful brand of music for their growing community of fans, Justin & Tabitha are relatable, and according to their fans “give you a reason to want to hit the ‘like’ button.”

Since 2009, after first meeting at a karaoke joint in Huntsville, AL., the Alabama-based duo have refined not only their life together, but also their music so that it reflects their desire to “speak to average folks using soulful music as a means to connect on a personal level, especially to working class families.” 

Influenced strongly by-------  (music influences), Justin & Tab not only perform, but also write music that “reflects [our] soul and makes people feel something with every song [they] perform.”  Their upcoming single release this summer does that exactly.

Justin & Tab can currently be seen LIVE weekly all over ________ Alabama.  Look for their newest single from E320 Productions and Alabama Producer, David Vest, to be released this summer on all streaming platforms. 

(What more about your music or current songs would you like to add?)

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